Who is Shish Besh?

Grill House specializing in Egyptian Local Cuisine .
Offering a unique user experience with a traditional 
and modern Shaaby Egyptian ambiance.
Serving the Egyptians in Arabian Gulf Region .

What is Shish Besh's story?

An Egyptian Chef who lived for a while in Saudi Arabia miss the flavors and ambiance of Local Egyptian street food.

He meet an Saudi Arabian who lived in Egypt for education from 2004 to 2009 
when he returned to Saudi Arabia, he decided to convey his experience to lovers of grilled shish and the Egyptian street food culture.

Shish Besh's strategy

In the first meeting with the founders and marketing team,
we discussed the target market and the experience that Shish Besh would like to give to the clients.
We understand that they want to offer a customer experience in the Old Cairo Shaapy atmosphere combining fun and Egyptian street food tradition.


An indirect and intelligent name was chosen at the same time.
Suitable for the target segment and express the brand culture.
Shish Besh is the name of the 5 / 6 domino piece.

The word shish kebab and shish kofta, which is considered the most famous dishes in the Egyptian street cuisine, has been linked to the most famous game in the Egyptian street shops cafes, to make the brand more noticeable and joyful.


SHISH BESH are Yummy and Grilled with Old Cairo ambiance.
The logo contains a Shish Besh dominos card sticked into shish kebab with tomato and green pepper.

Logo type

specially designed to reflect the spirit of fun and Yummy to give the target group desire to eat.
It was inspired by shish meat chunks.


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